Lilith’s Story: From the Pipe to the Stage


I am a recovering drug addict and alcoholic.  I spent many years addicted to crystal meth, crack cocaine, and prescription drugs.  I was so depressed and consumed with hiding from reality, pain, and my fear of failing at life.  _DSC2559

I never wanted to look in the mirror, let alone have pictures of me taken.  I hated who I had let myself become.


I think so often now, addiction is glamorized, or sugar coated.  There is nothing pretty or admirable about being strung out.  All you do is hurt.  You embarrass yourself, and all those who love you.


Walking away from that destructive lifestyle is why I am still alive today.  I still battle those desires and demons every day, but I choose happiness over hiding.


I need to daily face my fears head on.  It is the only way to climb the mountain that is overcoming addictions.


Photographer/blogger’s addendum:    Lilith is currently the troupe leader of the Moonshine Misfits – Mischief in the Midwest .  She is also a certified esthetician and set designer at A. Shines Designs at Stage 1 studio.  She also does some modeling and helps train others in the modeling arts as well.


Up until about 2 days before this shoot, I had no idea of the inner demons and past struggles that she had been though.  I knew that she had overcome something, but could never quite put my finger on it( I have known her for 4 years).  I am overjoyed that she chose to let me capture the photos and allowed me to share a part of her story.




If you are battling an addiction please call 1-800-662-HELP (4357) or visit

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  1. Awesome job you guys. Survivors are everywhere, always be kind to those you meet. You never know how they have struggled to get where they are.


  2. Lith this is magical ive always been wanting to work with you and knew you had a story , and now even more , I myself am in Recovery Vodka my drug of choice that also led me to anything else took me to hell. After having almost 7 years clean Married 3 boys coached Baseball with my oldest. I picked up a half Pint before a Rob Zombie / Korn concert and went on a 7 year Being that took me to a place inside that was absolute torture, Within 9 months lost my job Marriage destroyed , When I tell people my story what always comes to mind was the self hate n the mental ca-lapse that i put myself thru insanity and beyond. My body began rejecting everything but vodka My mother would have to give me water cuz i couldn’t hold the glass when i self detoxed every 3rd week t words the end. Wow how vivid the memories are almost in tears.. September 17th 3 years ago I wheeled Myself into Trinity with a Broken Sole completely dead inside and my mom by my side . Went to sleep and Prayed for Mercy the night before. The next day i didnt have the shakes. I thought to myself is this even possible a small window of hope and over the next year i rewired my whole thought process with the help of others who had been at the gates of hell ,rid myself of the garbage from inside built a foundation from the simple things and began living life one day at a time something i had never done . I love to hear stories like yours and i need that to keep me grounded slow things down, I was able to walk in the woods and take photos without my mind going haywire so i told my mom im going to be a photographer and change peoples lives make them Happy, and it feels good , Thats what life’s about we cant fight our battles alone thats why we loose the good ones that loose the fight , we give hope to others.Living Angels

    ty #BoogieWoods911


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