This mirror/self image shoot was done at a location with a special meaning to Sara. This is her story in her own words:

After 10 years of thinking “A house makes a home”, I’m letting that go.  For so long I have tied my own self worth into a checklist.  I have grown to realize that it doesn’t matter how many things you have, if you are not the type of person people want to be around, you will be alone.  20180124_095249.jpg

By saying goodbye to my home, renting it out, and moving on, I am finding strength in myself that the security of having a place to lay down my head can’t provide me.


I’m on my way to finding who I am, and learning to appreciate the struggle of what I only conceived in my own head, was right.


Onward  and forwards.  Sara


Photographer’s Addendum:

The “unfinished” room of the home she is letting go made for a perfect scene to capture these images in.  The Mirror used is also a personal favorite of the subjects, and added a second special touch to the photos.  Home isn’t a physical location for all, but it is the spot in your mind that puts you at ease.  20180124_09411120180124_09444720180124_095238

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