About Me and My Photography

Personal:  I am a father and husband, and am passionate about both.  I am attempting to balance the family life with my other two passions, weather and photography/videography.  I am First and foremost a Father and Husband.  These two will always come before all else. I live and work from Muscatine, Iowa.

Weather Passion: I have been passionate and intrigued by the weather for many years.  I can pinpoint this passion to a certain date and event:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_1994_tornado_outbreak

I lived in Duncanville,TX at the time, and helped with the clean up after this devastating storm.  As I have grown older, I have taught myself how to forecast storms, and their movements.  I am by no means a meteorologist, but I know my weather well.

I have been a part of the Iowa Storm Chasing Network since 2014, and chase storms with and for the team.   http://www.iowachase.com

Photographic Passion: I can’t pinpoint an exact event that triggered my passion, but I do know that I have been snapping  photos since the age of 5.  I moved to digital photography in 2004, and have self-taught(with the help of a few local and area photographers) myself to use nearly all forms of digital editing.  Photographically, I specialize in Landscape and Live Band photography, but I am starting to delve in to the world of Portraiture.

I am experienced with all types of light situations, and have a ton of lighting equipment to use when needed.


2 thoughts on “About Me and My Photography

  1. Where can I find the photo to purchase that you have on the home page of your website? I saw the complete photo at the quad cities National Weather Radio Station.


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