“Conservation” Tourism- Upper Mississippi River Bald Eagle Photography

Today, I went up to L&D 14 in Pleasant Valley, IA. I witnessed something today that I never though I would see. Someone took bait fish(to attract bald eagles for photos) over on to the island near the newly erected “perches”. I was livid. I put my equipment away. Why was I livid? Why do …

The Return of our National Symbol: Bald Eagles along the Upper Mississippi River Valley

This past two weeks have been very interesting as far as scouting Bald Eagles along the Upper Mississippi River Valley and it’s tributaries.  The birds have started their southern migration for the season, and have good numbers, but only in select ares.  This is because more of the abundant food sources they prey on are still moving about in the fields and prairies that cover the Midwestern landscape.   This means that the Bald Eagles are not congregating along the rivers like they normally do.